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    Our foam is under our comprehensive and ongoing control.

    1. Pre-production: Before we do an industrial production of any foam, we run a lab trial with the same raw materials.

    2. Post-production: After production, we examine the foam for expected properties.

    3. Post-cure: We re-test the foam for the requested properties.

    4. Transformation process: All our foams are measured and visually checked during the cutting process.

    5. Shipping: We use advanced software to control the picking and shipping process.


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    Material tests

    We constantly test our foams in the lab. Our methodical and norm oriented process ensures we offer best-in-class products.


    Density test: determines the density of the foam according to international norms.

    Hardness test: determines the hardness of the foam according to international norms.

    Resilience test: measures elasticity as a comfort indicator.

    Porosity test: measures the breathability of a foam.


    Life-like tests

    Our foam was designed to be useful. That is why we replicate real world conditions to approve the material.


    Static fatigue test: shows the capacity of a foam to return to its initial shape after being subjected to deformation.
    Dynamic fatigue test: pounds the foam at a constant rate and force to determine the loss in hardness and thickness.
    Elongation test: we stretch a foam to its breaking point to determine its resistance.


    Safety tests

    We care about the safety of our customers. Even when the requirements are tough, we are here to help.

    Flammability tests: determine the grade of fire resistance of a foam. The tests differ according to markets or applications.
    OEKO-TEX certification: Certifies that a foam does not contain any harmful substances.


  • How do you know if the foam is good? img




    Does not tare

    Does not fray out

    Uniform colour

    It is pleasant to the touch

    It returns to its initial position after compression



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