Polyurethane foam results from a reaction between a polyol and an isocyanate with a polymeric three-dimensional structure.
Polyurethane foams are divided into 3 types: rigid, ?exible and moulded foams. They can be soft or hard, more or less resilient, produced in different colours or infused with additives that give them special characteristics.
From the mattress we sleep on to the sponge that we use to wash our dishes, foam is part of our daily lives and it is hard to imagine life without it.



Nonwovens & Clusters


Nonwovens are sheets of interlocked or bonded fibres. They are customizable to specific applications including hygiene products, apparel, bedding, furniture, healthcare, construction and filtration.
At Eurospuma®, we produce carded nonwovens using a drylaid system. Our nonwovens are bonded by a thermal process and can be finished with calendaring or quilting.

A fibre cluster is a filling material in the form of a ball with characteristics and applications that differ from nonwovens. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to customize the form and diameter of the clusters to satisfy the varying demands of numerous industries.



Final products


A finished product is obtained at the end of a production process when there are no more industrial transformations. Eurospuma's finished product line was created to show customers and partners the multiple applications of the technologies we develop. For this, we chose the best foams and fibers from our portfolio, used breathable and washable fabrics, and defined the most comfortable shapes. We therefore offer a set of standard quality products, so that our customers can build their own offer, on a private label or by marketing the Eurospuma brand. Our finished products are divided into five categories: mattresses, toppers, pillows, duvets and supports.


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