A hypersoft solution.


Omnisoft is a revolutionary technology that combines extra softness with an excellent compression set. The foam’s silky touch combined with its excellent recovery after compression makes Omnisoft foams an ideal solution for linings, mattress toppers, seats and backrests.


Like our other technologies, Omnisoft has an open cell structure that allows more air circulation, which guarantees the foam’s hygiene.


 Product sheet

  • Main properties

  • Superior comfort Superior comfort
  • Silky touch Silky touch
  • Low compr. set Low compr. set
  • Resilient Resilient
  • Durable Durable
  • Breathable Breathable
  • Application

  • Bedding Bedding
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Format

  • Blocks Blocks
  • Rolls Rolls
  • Customized Customized
  • Sheets Sheets



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