Eurospuma® Composite


At Eurospuma®, we not only produce foam and nonwovens - we also recycle it.

Eurospuma<sup>®</sup> Composite

We offer 2 formats of recycled foam: rebonded foam and foam parts. Both formats represent high-quality foam products with diverse colours, densities and hardnesses. Eurospuma® Composite can be produced under your specific requirements in a format that you prefer.


Rebonded foam

Rebonded foam is excellent at absorbing shock, odour and sound. It is made of recycled foam pressed into blocks. It is an essential material for industries like construction and acoustic insulation. In the furniture and bedding industry, we recommend using rebonded foam in combination with comfort materials.


Foam parts

Foam parts are another format of our Eurospuma® Composite line. It is a proprietary blend of viscoelastic, high resilient and conventional foam, in a loose format: parts or flakes. We created this format because it brings additional value to many industries. It is an excellent filing material and is easy to use and customize for specific applications.


 Product sheet


  • Application

  • Automotive Automotive
  • Footwear Footwear
  • Bedding Bedding
  • Construction Construction
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Format

  • Blocks Blocks
  • Customized Customized
  • Sheets Sheets
  • Flakes Flakes
  • Bales Bales
  • Main properties

  • Recicled Recicled
  • Thermal insulation Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation Acoustic insulation
  • Durable Durable
  • Breathable Breathable
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