Eurospuma® HR


High resilience for greater support and comfort.

Eurospuma<sup>®</sup> HR

We designed our Eurospuma® HR line to serve the high-resilience foam needs of our clients. Eurospuma® HR foams maintain their characteristics with frequente and long-term use.In our Eurospuma® HR portfolio, we offer a latex-like option - Eurospuma® HR Spring. This foam offers all of the benefits of latex, including high density, pressure distribution capacity and the combination of softness and resilience. However, it is more resistent, durable breathable and odourless than natural latex.


 Product sheet


  • Format

  • Blocks Blocks
  • Rolls Rolls
  • Customized Customized
  • Sheets Sheets
  • Application

  • Automotive Automotive
  • Bedding Bedding
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Main properties

  • Resilient Resilient
  • Durable Durable
  • Breathable Breathable
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