A unique coating with an immediate fresh touch.


Cooltouch™ technology is a water-based foam surface infusion technology. It was designed to add value to any foam and give clients a completely breathable coating option. It can be applied on any chosen foam, at any concentration - from a standard to a hyper cold sensation.


Product table


ReferênciaDensidade kg/m³Dureza kPaCorNormsOeko-tex
 Cooltouch + 5014  62,00 ± 10,00  1,40 ± 0,40    


  • Format

  • Customized Customized
  • Sheets Sheets
  • Application

  • Bedding Bedding
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Main properties

  • Fresh touch Fresh touch
  • Non-toxic Non-toxic
  • Durable Durable
  • Breathable Breathable



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