At Eurospuma®, we produce flexible polyurethane foam. Our portfolio includes conventional, high resilience and viscoelastic foam. We are known for the breathability, safety and durability of our materials. We divided our portfolio into three groups.


The products Eurospuma® Essentials cover the majority of common applications like seats, base mattress layers, backrests, package insertion, among others. In the Essentials group we have three brands: Eurospuma® Conventional, Eurospuma® HR and Eurospuma® Visco. Each one represents a type of flexible polyurethane foam.


Eurospuma® Innovations was created for trendsetters, who are not afraid of experimenting for the sake of comfort. In the Innovations group there are eight brands: Coolflow™, Coolgraph®, Cuprum, Energex™, Ecofoam®, Omnitemp™, Cooltouch™ and Titanium. Each brand represents a technology that enables different elements of comfort, such as heat dissipation and customized support.


Eurospuma® Composite is our recycled foam line. We offer 2 formats of recycled foam: rebonded foam and foam parts. Both formats represent high-quality foam products with diverse colours, densities and hardnesses.




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