Luxe Line


Premium solution

Luxe Line


The Luxe line is our premium bedding products solution. The products in this range consist of foams and fibres with the most advanced technologies in our portfolio. Each technology gives products different comfort sensations, such as heat dissipation, luxurious volume and customized support.


Luxe Coolgraph Matress

Luxe Coolgraph Topper 

Luxe Coolgraph Pillow

Luxe Duo Memory Pillow

Luxe Quallofil Pillow

Luxe Quallofil Duvet



  • Format

  • Mattress Mattress
  • Topper Topper
  • Pillow Pillow
  • Cervical pillow Cervical pillow
  • Duvet Duvet
  • Combi Duvet Combi Duvet
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