Rise in prices raises concern in the industry


The price of raw materials used in the foam production industry keep rising and leaving companies in a difficult situation. Eurospuma is forced to implement a third rise in the price of our foams. We hope that a new surge of covid-19 does not worsen the market’s fragile situation.

Since the beginning of march that Eurospuma implemented diverse measures that allow it to ensure its work and compliance with its obligations, with the least possible disturbance. Yet, there are consequences of the pandemic that are beyond our control.
"The scarcity of polyol and TDI, essential in our production process, and consequently the increase of their value, has forced us to raise the price of our foams", explains Paulo Morais.


Ana Morais, also managing director, believes that business partners are sensitive to the difficulties, but warns that the situation could get worse.

"We are aware that with the shortage of raw materials and increased demand, it may delay deliveries. We all need to make a greater effort to overcome this moment," adds Ana Morais.


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