New system of separation of internal waste

New system of separation of internal waste


Eurospuma has promoted the training and motivation of its employees to change internal practices, in particular in terms of waste separation.

Internal processes with regards to waste production were analysed as part of the implementation of the new environmental management system. Given so, it has become essential to improve and renew our separation of internal waste practices.


"There is a new focus on recycling and new rules on the separation of paper, plastic and organic waste. In a universe of 240 employees there was some deficit in this aspect therefore, new areas were created to make the separation of waste more efficient", said the head of Safety and Environment, Isménia Silva.


The correct separation of waste has a real impact on the preservation of the environment. Eurospuma already complies with existing legislation on the management of non-reusable packaging waste from products it sells nationally. The change in internal practices, such as the adoption of the paperless routine, the reduction of plastic in consumables (coffee cups) and the separation of waste, is the latest step in improving the quality of the environment.

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