New year, new branding

New year, new branding


Eurospuma – a pioneer foam manufacturer in Portugal – has a new image. The master brand, tagline and product branding have undergone a facelift. This is the biggest change in the company’s visual identity since 2000.

Eurospuma produces foam and nonwovens for industries like bedding, furniture, textile, apparel etc. with exceptional quality and cutting-edge innovation. Since technicalities are not always intuitive and the factory’s family culture is a big part of their identity, the new branding aims to easily communicate the diversity and product functionality to the company’s partners and clients

In partnership with We Know You, the new branding was designed to embrace over 50 years of heritage by conserving its familiar red color and recognizable hexagon shape. The revised master brand design contains a new friendly font and simple tagline that matches the company essence - Shaping the comfort of tomorrow. This message reflects Eurospuma’s lifelong expertise in using its access to top tier innovation appropriately to provide comfort solutions across various industries and client types.

The changes made in product branding were more dramatic. Eurospuma decided to simplify its portfolio by making each product’s functionality clearer than ever before. The portfolio now groups every type of product – Foam and Nonwovens – into essential and innovation categories. ‘Must have’ products are now Eurospuma branded and innovations have a life of their own: their own brand, endorsed by Eurospuma.

“Simplicity and consistency are two words that can describe Eurospuma’s new identity. A lot has been done and even more work is ahead of us, but we strongly believe that the new image will accompany the growth of the company in the next years” – says Paulo Morais, Managing Director of Eurospuma.

The new branding change was officially introduced in January 2019 and will see further developments throughout the year.

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