Meet new Eurospuma® brands

Meet new Eurospuma® brands


This year was marked by the massive renovation of Eurospuma’s image and portfolio. We not only updated the visual part of the ‘Eurospuma’ brand and its sub-brands but also rebuilt our portfolio structure.

Now, our range of products consists of 3 main families of products: foam, fibre and composite. While the foam and fibre families are well known, the composite one represents a new category of recycled products: rebonded foam, foam pieces and clusters.

The foam and fibre categories are split into the essential products and innovations. Within the essential foam category you will find:

Eurospuma® Conventional - conventional of foam (ex-Supracell Basic).
Eurospuma® HR - high-resilience foam (ex-Supracell HR).
Eurospuma® Visco - viscoelastic foam (ex-Eurospuma Visco).

These foams are special and therefore became our innovations:

Coolflow - extra breathability.
Coolgraph® - heat dissipation.
Energex - customised support.
Ecofoam® - eco-friendly solution.
Omnitemp - thermostability.
Cooltouch - immediate fresh touch.

We are happy to announce a novelty in our portfolio of innovations - Titanium. It is a foam technology that integrates titanium particles into the foam cell structure. The foam with titanium particles is extra resistant and dissipates heat. In our portfolio, Titanium is represented by viscoelastic foam but we can integrate this technology in any other foam by request.

eurospuma titanium

The portfolio of fibres and nonwovens got the biggest change. It shared the same approach as the foam category: the essential products and innovations.

The standard fibre and nonwoven products are:

Eurospuma® Standard - cost-effective and multiuse standard nonwovens, based on solid fibres.
Eurospuma® Advance - nonwovens for insulation and enhanced resilience, based on hollow polyester fibre.
Eurospuma® Advance+ - nonwovens with the enhanced bulkiness and high resilience. These nonwovens are based on hollow conjugated and siliconized polyester fibre.

No Plumanta, Eurosoft or Eurofleece - they are blended in based on the specific construction of fibre.

For the first time in Eurospuma’s history, we present our nonwoven innovations:

- bio-based.
Quallofil® - extra resilience and thermal insulation.
Spring - foam-like.


The innovations have different purposes and can be used as a filling material for different categories of products.

Fresh and shiny, our new portfolio was received by our customers with great enthusiasm and interest. We are now working on reflecting all the changes on our website. In the meantime, let us know if you would like to have additional information about any of our products by sending a request to

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