Foam prices increased


In recent months, the foam and bedding industry has been confronted with a scarcity of raw materials and an increase in their price. Consequently, Eurospuma has been forced to review the prices of foams in the markets where it operates.


The production of masks and Individual Protection Equipment (IPE), required by the current pandemic, may justify the decrease in raw material supply. After the industry almost came to a standstill during April and May, the upturn has been strong, but raw material suppliers have been unable to respond.


'We are aware of the increased effort that this measure may have in our industry. However, we will do everything in out power to mitigate the impact of these changes. Our sales department will be at your disposal to provide any clarification to our customers,' the administration said.


From September onwards the prices of foams will have to be readjusted to this new reality.

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