Exceptional measures for a better future

Exceptional measures for a better future


The pandemic has invariably changed the world of work and Eurospuma is no exception. Integrated in one of the high-risk municipalities, the company had to adopt measures to prevent and mitigate the risks arising from the pandemic, namely telework, adoption of rotational shifts and different times of entry, exit and breaks for meals.

"We have done everything to find a balance that allows us to honor our commitments with customers and employees. In the manufacturing area there is no room for telework and our great difficulty is matching the new schedules with people's lives and the company’s productive needs", explains Ana Morais, managing director.

Another major concern has been to ensure safety conditions for workers at Eurospuma. The way of working will have to be rethought according to the specificity of each function.

The scarcity and price increases of the raw materials used in Eurospuma's production process have been another problem.
"We cannot predict how the market will react to the pandemic and what will happen to the economy in our country. We have been working on uncertainties and this concerns us," adds Paulo Morais, managing director.

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