The only Portuguese company to produce recycled foam

The only Portuguese company to produce recycled foam

Eurospuma S.A is the only Portuguese company to produce foam with recycled raw material.As part of the UrbanRec project, Eurospuma was able to incorporate recycled polyol in the production of viscoelastic foam. The result was presented in Brussels on 6 November.

Eurospuma was the Portuguese company chosen to test and produce this foam, due to its experience in the development of foams, like viscoelastic.
The foam is designed for the top layer of a mattress for its softness and excellent air permeability, using recycled polyol from bulky waste. This development is not only a big step towards the circular economy but also meets the most demanding requirements of the quilt industry.

"For us, as a company that has always had concerns about environmental issues, it is very important to be part of this project. Although technology needs more adjustments to be produced as a final product is already a great achievement for the industry", argues Paulo Morais, one of the company's administrators.

The European community has already implemented measures to prevent waste and dispose of landfills. However, the population still does not know what to do with bulky waste.
"Recycled polyol is a raw material obtained by the processing of foam residues. Which means we're allowing you to give a second life to quilt and furniture products. And this is something very important for the sustainability of our planet," adds Paulo Morais.

Another major advantage of this foam is to have international OEKO-TEX certification® whose goal is to achieve products free of substances harmful to human health. This project also resulted in the industry's first environmental good practice guide – the Eco Design Guide – which will be taken to the European Parliament later this year. Eurospuma was one of the co-creator entities of this guide, making important contributions based on its long experience in the sector.


About UrbanRec

UrbanRec is a European project that aims to implement an eco-innovative and integral bulky waste management system. To do so, the partners committed to creating prevention and reutilization plans, re-thinking logistics and using modern waste treatments to achieve recycled items with a higher added value. The project will demonstrate its effectiveness across various EU regions by drawing a plan to upgrade the European waste management’s eco-efficiency and drawing a proactive standardization strategy.

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