Eurospuma opens job vacancies

Eurospuma opens job vacancies

Eurospuma’s team has been growing. The production department is currently the one with the most vacancies available. Foam production operator, shop-floor workers and industrial maintenance technicians are three of the vacancies in need of immediate integration.


"We seek professionals with a high sense of responsibility and willingness to work and who have, preferably, experience in the factory environment. Applicants should have immediate availability and flexibility. Because of the pandemic, we must make adjustments to schedules and work in shifts to ensure the safety of all", explains the head of Human Resources.


Soon, an area dedicated to Human Resources will be created on the Eurospuma website, but until then, it is possible to consult the vacancies available on the company's Facebook page. To apply you can send your resume to  or fill an application form at the company’s front gate security checkpoint.


Eurospuma is a strong partner in the supply of foams and fibers to various industries nationally and internationally. Our brand is a quality reference in the industry, with over 50 years of experience. Eurospuma is a respected employer with a professional team, a friendly and family atmosphere.

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