Eurospuma in the fight against Covid-19


In addition to the health hazard it presents, the current epidemiological crisis is also affecting the dynamics in workplaces worldwide. Therefore, Eurospuma has applied contingency measures to protect its employees and prevent having to stop its activity.


"We have assessed the company’s key activities and the necessary resources to maintain them. Our employees are our most important asset, so we are making every effort to ensure their jobs and health are not jeopardized", explains Ana Morais, managing director.


Eurospuma's Contingency Plan has been in place since the beginning of March. The company has organized telework for office staff and shift work for teams that need to be at the factory to perform their duties. It has also increased the number of times common spaces areas are cleaned, especially after shift change, to ensure the protection of the transition team. Eurospuma intends to continue its activity, while it can, to meet its commitments with customers, suppliers and, most importantly with its employees who depend on its operation.


"It is essential to maintain our activity so that we can secure 220 jobs", concludes Ana Morais.


Eurospuma is committed to raising internal and external awareness and adjusting its guidelines in the fight against covid-19 over the coming months.

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