Eurospuma has a new environmental certification

Eurospuma has a new environmental certification

Eurospuma wants to be an environmental change agent, seeking to engage the community, but also suppliers and customers. Therefore, it has implemented the Environmental Management System in accordance with the NP EN ISO 14001 standard, committing itself to protecting the environment without neglecting socio-economic needs.

"A systematic approach on the environment gives us the right information to make decisions in line with a more sustainable, fair and comprehensive world. Internally, we want to contribute to the reduction of our environmental footprint, but we also want to motivate our partners to join this movement", explains Isménia Silva, responsible for safety and the environment at Eurospuma.

Can we improve our environmental performance? Can we help control compliance with legal obligations? How do we look at the life cycle of our products? These are some questions that Eurospuma’s Environmental Management System will answer.

To be effective in implementing the environmental management system at Eurospuma, it is necessary that everyone does their share. Therefore, Eurospuma has prepared surveys to know the environmental performance of its suppliers. Get involved in this noble cause and participate!

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