Eco Rebranding

Eurospuma’s strong environmental mission has led towards an important revision of our portfolio. We strive to make our portfolio increasingly  ecological instead of dedicating specific lines to this produtcs.

In our foam portfolio we decided to say goodbye to our Ecofoam brand and integrating its references in other existing brands. Therefore, Ecofoam 2835 is now Eurospuma Conventional Eco 2825, Ecofoam 3733 is now  Eurospuma Conventional Eco 3733 and Ecofoam 7025 is now Eurospuma Coolflow Eco 7025.

When it comes to nonwovens, the task is easier since we have worked with sustainable components for a long time. Currently, 90% of our nonwovens references have between 62% and 100% recycled fibres.

In both types of products, we have put a logo that symbolizes a formulation with ecological components , be it biological or recycled, in our technical data sheets.

Join the ecological movement and help us make our portfolio more and more eco friendly.   

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