The perfect breastfeeding pillow


Mother's Day is nearly here and for first-time mothers it can be a challenge to find a comfortable breastfeeding position. Don’t worry, everything has a solution! To enjoy your new routines, use a breastfeeding pillow.


The breastfeeding pillow relieves tension in the back, neck and especially in the mother's arms because it raises the baby. Hence, there is no longer a reason for mealtime to be dreaded. Instead, it is a moment of much-needed connection with your child. The pillow also provides the warmth and comfort the baby needs to eat peacefully.

How to choose the right pillow?

Breastfeeding pillows can have many shapes, styles and designs. Fit, shape and firmness are issues that must be considered.

The ideal breastfeeding pillows are made of viscoelastic foam because they mould to any shape and body weight and quickly recover their original shape after compression. However, viscoelastic foam is not all the same. Its cellular structure can range from very open to almost closed. The more closed the cell structure, the lower the air circulation in the foam, making it less hygienic.


Have you tried our Eurospuma® Visco or Coolflow™ technology? Coolflow™ technology is three times more efficient at dissipating heat and moisture than traditional viscoelastic foams and four times more durable. For added support, you can go for a conventional foam, such as Eurospuma® Conventional 2028. Eurospuma has a range of suitable options for this wonderful part of women’s lives.

It is also essential that the cover of the breastfeeding pillow is removable so that it can be washed. Choose a removable and machine washable cover with anti-allergic features. Your baby will thank you!


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