Say yes to foam

Today the market is flooded with poor quality foams at low prices. These foams are not breathable, they deform with time and use, causing discomfort. These products distort the image of foam which, if well produced, is a versatile and high-quality material.

Say yes to foam

But what is foam after all?

Polyurethane foam results from a reaction between a polyol and an isocyanate with a polymeric three-dimensional structure. Polyurethane foams are divided into 3 types: rigid, ?exible and moulded foams. They can be soft or hard, more or less resilient, produced in different colours or infused with additives that give them special characteristics. From the mattress we sleep on to the sponge that we use to wash our dishes, foam is part of our daily lives and it is hard to imagine life without it.


How do we know if the foam is of good quality?
A good quality foam should be odourless, breathable, elastic, should not tear nor wear out, it should have a uniform colour, return to its initial position after compression and be pleasant to touch.


Don't know which foam to choose for a particular application?
We have over 3000 partners from various industries including automotive, bedding, home textiles, filtration, clothing, furniture, animal care, health, construction, sports and packaging. At Eurospuma we offer a wide range of conventional, high resilience, viscoelastic and innovative foams. You can choose the most suitable technology for the purpose of your product, adjust the density and hardness, and define the colour and cut of the material to integrate in your production process. Use this graph for guidance.

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