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What is the best mattress for a baby? Should babies sleep on a pillow? What are the right raw materials to keep the little ones comfortable?


Babies sleep between 16-20 hours a day, so choosing a good mattress and a good pillow should be a priority to ensure a comfortable and safe sleeping environment.

In this search, there are three factors to consider:

• The mattress should not be too hard nor too soft so that the baby does not sink when lying down, not compromising the normal development of their spine.

• A mattress must be breathable to prevent the baby from suffocating during sleep.

• The mattress should be placed under a firm surface.

Foam provides a more ergonomic and smooth support than springs, but it is important to choose a foam with an open cell structure and with sufficient density to provide firm and stable support. This ensures that the baby is not in an uncomfortable position or at risk of deformation. We recommend Eurospuma® Conventional 2835 foam for a more basic mattress.

For superior comfort, try Omnisoft technology, which combines extra softness with excellent resistance to use.

Our AIR foams are also an alternative for an extra breathable solution thanks to its reticulated cell structure.

To prevent the formation of odors, the appearance of mites and moisture retention, fiber mattresses are a valid option because they provide more air circulation and humidity management, thus avoiding the need for waterproof mattress covers. For this option we are advise our Standard range, made from solid fibres.


What about the pillow?

Babies and adults are different, so you cannot choose the same type of pillow.

To provide comfort and adaptability for the baby, a fiber cushion is ideal. Our Comforel® Allerban® pillow is ideal for babies because they combine characteristics of moisture regulation, softness, as well as an antibacterial and anti-mite treatment.

All our fibres are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, which complies with the most demanding European certification standards, ensuring that they do not pose any danger in at least 100 harmful substances. It is also essential that the bed linen has the same certification, so that the advantages of our fibers are not lost.

Avoid covering your baby with thick blankets or bedspreads. The right option is a duvet with good thermal insulation, volume, and humidity regulation. Hollofil® Allerban® fibre brings together all these important characteristics with additional antibacterial properties.

Follow these directions and give your baby the protection and comfort he deserves from day one.

Whatever you choose, Eurospuma has the best solution!

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