Prepare your home for spring


Take advantage of the arrival of spring to take care of your home and your bedding. One of the best things in this season is the flower explosion, so embrace the floral mood in fabrics. What better time to refresh your pillow, duvet and mattress?

Prepare your home for spring


With the change of season, you may experience differences in the firmness of your pillow. You should use foams and fibers that maintain their performance at any time of the year. Omnitemp™ technology gives thermal stability to viscoelastic foam so that the comfort of your pillow does not change when temperature does.
If you prefer fibre pillows, look for fillings with an antibacterial treatment, such as Comforel® Allerban® fibre. Why should you care? Over time, your pillow accumulates dead skin and invisible mold. The conjugated hollow fibers, present in the Comforel® Allerban® fibre, regulate moisture and fight the bacteria that accumulate in our bed.
Do not forget that to ensure the longevity and hygiene of your pillow, the cleaning process should be done at least four times a year.



This is the most suitable time to change your duvet to a lighter and cooler option. To facilitate this process, try a combi model consisting of two duvets with different grammages and thermal insulation capacity.
In winter, use the two duvets joined by a lace system (150g + 250g = 400 g), and with the arrival of spring you can use only one (150 g or 250 g).
If you prefer a single duvet, be sure to wash it in the change of season. Doing it at home can be tricky, but if you choose washable fibers that don't lose volume, your work will be facilitated. There is no shortage of solutions in our portfolio. Contact us!


The mattress is the basis of all your rest and should be changed, on average, every 8 years. Choose durable and resistent foams, but do not disregard hygiene. If the foam is not breathable, the air will not circulate, and bacteria and mites accumulate.
Do you know Coolgraph® technology? It integrates graphene particles into the cellular structure of the foam making it an excellent solution to prevent overheating during sleep. Foam with Coolgraph® is 10,000 times more effective in heat dissipation than a traditional viscoelastic foam.
If you don't have a mattress with this technology yet, invest in your sleep this spring. Your health will thank you later!

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