Let’s 'Build the comfort of tomorrow' while we sleep?

Let’s 'Build the comfort of tomorrow' while we sleep?

In the last learning zone we learned that rest, especially sleep, is an essential brain function. In this period there are several biological processes fundamental to our health, from the storage of new information to the communication and reorganization of nerve cells, which ensure the support of healthy brain function. Thus, not sleeping well can trigger lack of memory, lack of concentration, mood swings, immune system failures, weight gain, risk of cardiovascular disease and even diabetes.

To avoid health problems caused by poor sleep quality, experts recommend a regular bedtime and wake-up, light meals before bed, avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption, sleep on a mattress and pillow appropriate to our needs, and ensure that we sleep in places where the temperature is conducive to rest.

Throughout the year, we use learning zones to explore what factors ensure the rest our body needs to re-establish itself.

First, it is advisable to adapt the comfort of the mattress to our needs. For this, we must ensure that the hardness of the mattress ensures the optimal support and distribution of the pressure of our body. To do this, we present our Energex technology. We should also choose foams with a density appropriate to our weight and sleeping position as well as ensure that they provide thermal comfort. For a heat dissipation action, we present you our Coolgraph, Titanium and Cuprum technologies. Finally, it is essential to look for mattresses where the cover is easy to remove for washing regularly and thus ensure the hygiene of the place where we rest.

In the case of the fiber pad, opt for combined hollow fibres so that they have a superior resilience and thus ensure the durability of the same. To take care of the most sensitive, look for antibacterial and antifungal fibers like our Conforel Allerban! It is also important that the cushion is machine washable so that the hygiene is simple and regular.

The duvet is a special element. Here we want something light, with a soft but insulating touch, suitable for the temperature in the room. Choose Quallofil fibers! Duvet weighting is a personal choice, adjustable to the taste and thermal sensitivity of each. To take care of the most sensitive, look for antibacterial and antifungal fibers like our Hollofil Allerban! By combining these characteristics, we are left with a perfect duvet.

Being the base of our bed, also the platform influences our sleep because it supports our weight and that of the mattress. Therefore, choose resistant materials for your composition. It is important that it is slats so that the mattress can breathe and thus facilitate the hygiene of it over time.

Although the physical properties of the products sold are fantastic, producers do not always choose the most suitable materials in the construction of them, preferably opting for the most economical ones. There are still no laws dedicated to our industry that protect the consumer with regards to the quality of materials, nor are the responsibilities of the producer defined. That's why Eurospuma foams and fibers are certified to ensure the quality of your mattress or sofa.

About 93% of our portfolio is OEKO-TEX certified which ensures that the materials tested do not have harmful substances and are produced in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.

As regards safety standards, Eurospuma is accredited by Reach certification, the regulation that controls the use of all chemicals used in all products in the EU and the UK. It also promotes alternative methods for assessing the hazards of substances with a view to reducing the number of animal trials.

ISO 9001 certification ensures that the company's processes are regulated according to a standard, giving the customer a guarantee that the quality of its products is also regulated. As specific certifications will be those that relate to certain applications, such as certifications of fireproof standards, antibacterial capacity, soundproofing, etc.

Although the characteristics of the materials and their conjugation are ideal, our personal taste weighs heavily on the definition of comfort since the word itself is an abstract concept. Therefore, we believe that it is not enough to have good foams and fibers; it is necessary to build comfort solutions with our partners and above all, with our customers to meet their needs.

So, are we going to build tomorrow's comfort together?

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