Is the use of a topper efficient?

Is the use of a topper efficient?


To get a good night's rest, there are several habits you should adopt. However, without a good rest system, your sleep may be compromised. The solution is not always to get rid of the mattress.


Do you wake up with back pain? Do you feel that your mattress is too hard? Can't find a comfortable position during the night? Many complaints can make you (re)think about getting a new mattress, but sometimes, you just need to give it a new life with an extra layer of comfort. How? By acquiring a topper.


A topper is an element between 50 and 80 millimetres thick, placed on top of the mattress, composed of a core and a cover. Its main objective is to personalise the comfort of the mattress and increase the life span of your rest system.  For example, if a mattress is too firm and does not fit to your body, the topper may act as an extra layer of softness.

Although the topper is an economically appealing resource that can solve your comfort problem immediately, it should not be seen as a definitive solution.  If your mattress has more than 10 years of useful life and is damaged, a topper will not solve the problem.

Different materials can be used in a topper, according to the sensations you want to achieve.  Viscoelastic foam toppers are one of the most requested options in the market because it is a material that adapts to your body and homogeneously distributing pressure so that your muscles can relax.


At Eurospuma, we have a range of solutions for toppers to meet the needs of each user.

The Topper Luxe Coolgraph has viscoelastic foam with Coolgraph technology, making the foam 10 000 times more effective in dissipating heat. The Topper Confort Coolflow reduces the hardness of the mattress and eliminates unnecessary pressure, without compromising air circulation. The Topper Basic is a more economical solution, with a layer of viscoelastic foam that recovers slowly after compression without changing its initial shape.


In summary, the use of a topper is efficient when we want to add an extra layer of comfort to our rest system but cannot be seen as a long-term solution for a deteriorated mattress.

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