How to choose a base for your bed?

How to choose a base for your bed?


There are several elements to consider when choosing your sleep system: the mattress, the base, the materials used (foams and fabrics), the pillow, among others. However, it is the set of these elements that defines the quality of your sleep.

But as with everything, we start with the foundation: the base. It is the platform that sustains the weight of the mattress having an essential role in safety, comfort, and breathability.

The first factor to consider is the dimensions of the mattress. It should fit perfectly on the base, to ensure stability. The base must be slatted to allow maximum breathability to the mattress. The space between the slats should be between 2 and 4 cm.

It is important to adjust the platform to the user's weight, which may influence the choice of material. For example, a metal platform is more resistant so it may be the best solution for a heavier user.


In the case of wooden slats, it is essential to choose good quality wood. Rebonded products are not recommended, as they do not facilitate the mattress’s air circulation, reduces its durability, and do not guarantee adequate support. Beech wood is one of the best alternatives, using flexible blades and supports to provide postural correction. It is a sustainable product and allows the mattress to breathe and adapt in a personalized way, avoiding stiffness.

Metal blades have round edges, are durable, sturdy, and easy to clean.

Another option is carbon fiber blades that provide maximum strength and support.

You can also find PVC blades, which are lighter and ideal for homes with high humidity levels. However, these beds require interior blades for further reinforcement.

Bases can be fixed or articulated. Articulated bases provide a personalized rest experience making them a healthier option for users.
If we use adequate support, we can avoid weight alterations and pathologies throughout our life. Even in the case of young people, it is crucial to adjust the position of the base to relieve pressure points or muscle tension.


There are bases with feet or without feet. Those with feet allow better air circulation.


When choosing the base, always consider the ergonomics of the rest system. Do not be deceived by the promotional characteristics of the product (color, design, cut). Select a base adapted to your needs. Do not forget that a good base does not solve all problems! It is the combination of factors discussed above that contribute to a good night's sleep.


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