How important is cleaning bedding products?

How important is cleaning bedding products?

There are several factors that influence the quality of our sleep. Among them is cleanliness as it contributes to the durability of your bedding products.

Correctly and periodically cleaning your mattress can significantly protect your respiratory system and prevent allergies, since it is an ideal place for the proliferation of dust mites that aggravate these clinical conditions.

One of the key steps to ensure adequate hygiene in your bedding products is to air the mattress frequently and expose it to sunlight to help kill germs and bacteria. Vacuuming the mattress is also advised, especially for people with allergies, because it is the most effective way to remove dust and dust mites.

Additionally, the use of a protective cover is important because it reduces the body’s direct contact with the mattress, forming an extra barrier against sweat, microorganisms, and other substances. These covers should be washable. Do not forget to wash your bed sheets and protective cover regularly.

To facilitate the cleaning process, you should ideally choose a mattress with a removable and machine washable cover. Some fabrics may even have antibacterial properties.

Similarly, toppers are comfort and hygiene allies of your mattress as they protect it from sweat, dust, among other substances. As a comfort layer that is generally made of viscoelastic foam, it is essential that its cover is machine washable, and the foam used is highly breathable. To maximize air circulation, we recommend foams with Coolflow technology.

Furthermore, pillows also need to be cared for since they are in direct contact with our breath, sweat, dead skin, and oils produced by our skin and hair and can therefore pose a risk to our health.

In particular, foam pillows cannot be washed, but their cover can. Again, the type of foam you choose for the core of your pillow can make all the difference in keeping it clean. If you pick an open cell foam, it will be more breathable allowing you to control overheating and prevent increased perspiration.

Fibre pillows, on the other hand, the sanitizing process will be even easier. Be sure to choose good quality and machine washable fibres.

In the case of duvets, these should be washed every three months as this will increase its life span. It is important to use resistant fibres that maintain good heat insulation, wash after wash. We recommend fibres from the Eurospuma Advance range such as Hollofil Allerban or Quallofil Premium.

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