Get ready for the holidays

Get ready for the holidays

Its holiday season. The bags are packed and there are things you can't miss. After all, your comfort comes first. Can you imagine traveling without a pillow, that warm blanket or even your bedroom slippers?

This year, the pandemic forced us to (re)discover our country. With so many miles to go, falling asleep in the passenger seat is (almost) inevitable, especially for children. To avoid waking up at the end of the journey with neck or back pain, theirs is a great ally: the travel pillow. Choose between a U-shaped, traditional, or inflatable version. The U-shaped pillow provides ideal support for the neck. However, this model tends to take up space. There are other pillows designed to be inflatable or mouldable, adjustable to the desired firmness. Eurospuma has designed the Eurospuma® Visco foam Travel Pillow. The cushion is easy to carry and can be compressed into a small bag, although it does not change its initial shape thanks to the technology used.

Blankets are also an ideal partner for longer trips, offering the necessary cosiness for a few hours of sleep. They should be durable and have their own carrying bags. Choose machine-washable and quick drying blankets. At Eurospuma, we use light and breathable fibres, so that moisture is no longer a problem. We also apply a siliconized finish on our non-woven fabrics to make them even softer.

If you need your slippers in your hotel room, but want to save space when packing, pick viscoelastic foam slippers.

Whatever destination or form of transport you choose, make sure you prepare for your holidays without forgetting the most important thing: a good night sleep prevents you from having a bad day!

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