Cuddle up for winter

The cold has arrived and there is no excuse to embrace this time of year. Choose the perfect quilt to cuddle up for a movie session on the sofa, read a book in bed or play around with the little ones.

When you look for a warm quilt, duvet or fleece, choose a synthetic nonwoven or fibre that can be washed and dried without deteriorating.

Within synthetic fibres, choose products made from hollow and hollow conjugated fibres that allow superior insulation even at low grammages.

Have you heard of our Quallofil® fibre? It is our suggestion so that you can enjoy your own microclimate during sleep. Quallofil® fibre prevents overheating and is light. It is a highly breathable fibre that gives the filling more volume. Your quilt will remain perfect even after many washes!

Besides, quilts are a great decoration accessory to give your space personality. Look for high quality, durable and washable products that fulfil their mission and look nice.

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