Copper: an ally in the fight against infections!

Copper: an ally in the fight against infections!


Copper is a natural mineral with antibacterial and conductive properties that make it a powerful ally in fighting infections.


In the 19th century, physician Victor Burq concluded that professionals working with copper had immunity from successive cholera outbreaks. Since then, it has been systematically demonstrated that copper is capable of destroying microbes that threaten our lives.


Today, it is an important element in hospital hygiene. It is used, for example, on door handles. Several studies indicate that it is 1000 times more effective in fighting the flu virus than stainless steel.


How can we transport its advantages into our daily lives?

Eurospuma's Cuprum technology incorporates copper particles into the foam providing an antibacterial effect. While most foams in the market retain heat, causing overheating and discomfort, Cuprum technology uses the conductive nature of copper to dissipate heat.

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