Can you picture our innovations in your sofa?

Can you picture our innovations in your sofa?

The sofa is the protagonist of the living room and became more importante with the lockdown impositions of the pandemic. The more time we spend at home, the more importance we give comfort. How should you then take advantage of the materials to achieve it?


We know that we must make a choice that considers the quality of the foam (including factors such as density, hardness and compression set) but also the fabrics that make up the sofa. We must not forget that it is possible to combine different materials in the seat and backrest.  


High resilience foams are the traditional options for sofa seats. The solutions in our Eurospuma HR line include Eurospuma HR 4234 or even Eurospuma HR 5531, that can be combined with Eurospuma HR Spring. Each one of these foams guarantee an excellent support and resilience.

However, Eurospuma has a set of other solutions that give your sofa a unique touch. Imagine, for example, using Ecofoam 3733 foam, which is not only a suitable choice in terms of density, but it is also environmentally friendly!

Another interesting alternative is to incorporate our iconic Energex, which combines the pressure relief characteristics of viscoelastic foam and the spring effect of high resilience foam. In addition, it becomes more or less elastic depending on the heat released by the body, providing personalized comfort in each seat.

For the backrest, we can use foam, fibre or a combination of both. Viscoelastic foams are one of the most common options given their softness. Therefore, we can go for Eurospuma Visco or Coolflow Air, to intensify the high breathability effect of the backrest.

There are some technologies that have been gaining ground because they optimize the feeling of comfort. Omnitemp foam, for instance, does not change with temperature differences therefore maintaining the same level of backrest firmness. This technology is 13 times faster in heat transfer when compared to traditional viscoelastic foam.

We also have Omnisoft foam which combines extra softness with an excellent compression set. This foam’s silky touch with its resistance to deformation with use makes Omnisoft foams the ideal solution for panelling and layers, namely backrests and seats.

As for fibers, there are also several options. Our Eurospuma Advance + T1A is a very resilient and bulky solution to ensure the softness and durability of your backrest.

We can also combine fibre and visco foam flakes from our Eurospuma Composite line, which allow us to experience the softness of the fibre without the short-term deformation. Visco flakes allow the backreast to keep its shape without a need to adjust the pillow.


Overall, the ideal choice of materials for your sofa should count on their support capacity, softness, and durability. Still, the structure of the sofa should not be forgotten. As much quality as the foams and fibers may have, without a robust structure, the longevity of the sofa will be compromised.


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