Can I measure the comfort of a mattress?

Can I measure the comfort of a mattress?

When buying a mattress, we imagine a comfortable solution. However, comfort is a relative and abstract concept because it varies from person to person. So how can we measure the comfort of a mattress?

We should start by considering two aspects:  the characteristics that protect our health and our personal taste. Mixing the two results in the most comfortable mattress for each user.

Although one of the factors to consider is the hardness of the mattress, this also depends on taste. Some people prefer softer mattresses and others prefer harder ones. Yet, if the mattress is too soft, the body sinks, causing a misalignment of the spine. If the mattress is too hard, it causes back pain because it does not relieve body pressure. Clearly, the position in which the person sleeps also influences this choice. For example, sleeping on the side requires a foam that molds to our body so a hard mattress for those who sleep on their side is uncomfortable.

Likewise, thermal comfort directly affects sleep quality. The regulation of temperature during sleep depends on the ability of the mattress to dissipate the heat released by the body. Thus, the characteristics of the foams and the cover used in the mattress are determinant for the comfort of the user. At Eurospuma, our solutions for heat dissipation include Coolflow, Coolgraph,Titanium and Cuprum technologies.

Moreover, the support and distribution of body pressure while we sleep impacts spine alignment in the different positions in which we sleep. To ensure pressure distribution, you should choose viscoelastic foams because they adapt to the body and distribute pressure evenly, so that the muscles can relax. To do so, our portfolio offers Eurospuma Visco, Coolflow, Coolgraph, Omnitemp, Cuprum, Titanium, Omnisoft and Ecofoam. To ensure a customized support, opt for the revolutionary Energex that combines the pressure relief of a viscoelastic foam with the support of a high resilience foam for personalized comfort.

Density also interferes with the mechanical strength of the mattress, compromising its properties with use over time. At Eurospuma, we recommend a minimum density of 30kg for mattresses to ensure the necessary support for prolonged use. Therefore, user experience also depends on the durability of the initial comfort.

Additionally, the constitution of the mattress has an impact on the user's comfort sensation. The different layers, thicknesses and cut drawings make up a unique configuration which consequently creates a unique sensation. 

In conclusion, a single and absolute level of comfort of a mattress cannot be defined, as this concept varies from person to person. However, make sure that your mattress has the necessary features to ensure spine alignment and a personal touch to develop the ideal solution.

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