An eco-home


Decorating a house can be a difficult process, especially when we want to protect the environment. However, eco-friendly décor can soften your carbon footprint and help you save money. At Eurospuma, we care about the planet, so we develop increasingly sustainable solutions for and with our customers and partners. Our offer includes foams and fibres with raw materials that are plant based and biodegradable.

An eco-home

A simple thermal coating can dramatically reduce the amount of hot or cold air coming out of your home, making its temperature more comfortable all year round. For a greener solution, choose products from our Eurospuma Composite line. Clusters also work in soundproofing, being the perfect solution for cinema rooms or teenage boys’ bedrooms who do not get tired of listening to loud music or playing their guitar at inconvenient times.
It can also be used to line walls for an industrial decoration, which is currently one of the most interesting trends of home decor.


Help the environment while you sleep! Have you tried our Microelastic Basic pillow? Its filling is made of flakes of our viscoelastic foams so that you can enjoy all the potential of our portfolio, in a single product.


Summer is a time for change. Take it as an opportunity to renovate your home! You are quarantined and you like DIY? Build your own puff with foam flakes or fibre clusters and a fabric alluding to your home décor.
We cannot forget the garden now that we can enjoy it. Choose foam or fibre flakes to fill the garden bench cushions and reinforce the seats with our rebounded from, under the Eurospuma Composite line. There are lots of projects to entertain the whole family!


Eurospuma foams and nonwovens comply with the OEKO-TEX standard® requirements, which guarantees that the products are free of substances that are harmful to human health. In home textile products, look for good quality fabrics and with minimal environmental impact. This way you will find the ideal product for your family and for the planet!

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