All about fibre

All about fibre


It is almost impossible to imagine our life without fibre given its endless applications. It is present in everything around us, from clothing and bedding to the construction industry.


But what is fibre anyway?

Fibre is a thin, elongated material that can be spun into yarns, threads or ropes or be layered into a web. Fibres are classified according to their origin, which can be natural, artificial, or synthetic. At Eurospuma we use artificial and synthetic fibres as raw material in the manufacture of non-woven fabrics and clusters. These are then used by our customers in the most diverse industries.

What are nonwovens?

Nonwovens are sheets of interlocked or bonded fibres. They are customizable to specific applications including hygiene products, apparel, bedding, furniture, healthcare, construction, and filtration. Our fibre products go through three main phases: web formation, web bonding and finishing treatments. At Eurospuma®, we produce carded nonwovens using a drylaid system. Our nonwovens are bonded by a thermal process and can be finished with calendaring or quilting.

What are clusters?

A fibre cluster is a filling material in the form of a ball with characteristics and applications that differ from nonwovens. The production process is split into two steps. First, we. formulate and open the fibre. Then, we form the clusters. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to customize the form and diameter of the clusters to satisfy the varying demands of numerous industries.

How do we know if the nonwoven is good?

A good nonwoven should have a homogeneous structure, good consolidation and must be supportive.


Unsure what filling to choose for a particular application?

There are several aspects to consider in the nonwoven universe: weight, thickness, touch, hardness, or finish. For example, if you are looking for a solution for the garment area you should choose a nonwoven with a soft touch and less compacted.

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