The technology developed and applied in our foams opens new horizons to the comfort products industry.

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Fibres or high bulk nonwovens produced by Eurospuma are presented as polyester wadding and are sold in the form of rolls, balls or pads.

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Eurospuma has a new environmental certification

Eurospuma wants to be an environmental change agent, seeking to engage the community, but also suppliers and customers.

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Does compressing and rolling compromise the quality of foam?

The increase in the cost of transportation has led customers and suppliers to rethink the shipping format of foam. This is when the idea of compressing and rolling foam came about.

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Sleep Expo 2021

Our first confirmation.

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Why Eurospuma?

Our foams and nonwovens are a reference in the market. 

Our innovative approach, state-of-the-art technologies and full dedication to the process make our foams and nonwovens high-quality. We test our materials exhaustively so that our clients can get the best out of it. 

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