Quality Improvement


Eurospuma is a polyurethane foam and nonwoven producer. Given so, Eurospuma's policy focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and other stakeholders, by continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes. To support the implementation of this policy, Eurospuma undertakes the following activities:

  • Evaluate the internal Management System systematically, including its processes and activities, and periodically define new objectives in order to improve its performance;
  • Promote the qualification of its human resources, providing the necessary information and ensuring their training so that they can perform their tasks properly and contribute to improving quality and the environment;
  • Adopt, where feasible, the techniques and technologies that allow the monitoring of the evolution of markets and customer requirements, ensuring the execution of activities, the safe operation within its facilities and equipment within the right environmental conditions;
  • Establish a commitment to environmental protection, working on pollution prevention and control through the integrated management of the waste it produces, the efficient use of energy and resources, in order to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and products;
  • Continuously assess risks to safety and the environment, ensuring the effective implementation of prevention procedures and action in emergency situations, as embodied in the Major Accidents Prevention Policy;
  • Compliance obligations applicable to Eurospuma.

This Quality and Environment Policy is communicated, known, and maintained at all levels of the Organization.



Our Quality Management System is certified under ISO 9001:2015 and recognized by TÜV Rheinland.




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