Commitment to sustainability


At Eurospuma we are committed to developing actions to improve the quality of the environment because we are aware of the environmental implications of our activity.


Therefore, we introduced raw materials of plant origin so that our foams cause the least possible environmental impact.


Eurospuma also produces foams and nonwovens in accordance with the requirements of the OEKO-TEX®  standard that ensures the use of products free of substances that are harmful to human health.


We collaborate with different entities in projects aimed at improving the environment, such as the URBANREC project.


We review our environmental goals by promoting training and raising awareness for employees about the environment to stimulate their participation in the continuous improvement process.


Eurospuma has also changed its internal practices: we adopted the paperless routine and reduced plastic in our consumables, such as glasses and coffee cups.

Seveso Directive

In line with the prevention of severe accidents involving dangerous substances under the decree of law 150/2015, from the 5th of August, Eurospuma published information to the public about this matter here.

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