Supracell tec®

High tech products for technical applications

Result of years of Research & Development, technology developed and applied in Supracell® foams opens new horizons for comfort products industry.

Supracell tec® foams are targeted for technical applications, particularly in textiles, footwear, packaging, filtration, and several industrial applications. They are produced in different densities and the range comprises foams with densities from 23 to 60 kg/m³, with different degrees of hardness, distinct cellular structures and degrees of self-extinguishability.

Supracell tec® foams have a high compression resistance, presenting a low variance of mechanical properties when subjected to different charges. This material has diverse applications, from which stands out flammable operations , liquid filtration, thermal and sound insulation. It has various applications in Construction.

Supracell CMHR® foam is a high resiliency foam with modified combustion. It is produced in the density of 40 kg/m³ and is the ideal product to be used when the requirements of fire resistance are needed, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, cinemas, etc. They are flame retardant and have superior performance in terms of flammability against other ranges of Supracell® foams.


Supracell CMHR® is an open cell foam what allows a large flow of air, maintaining the comfort and the possibility of equal application to other high resilience polyurethane foams. Supracell CMHR® is produced according to international standard BS_5852 Part 2 crib 5 (British Standards).


Product table


Reference Density kg/m³Hardness kPaColor
2539 FR* 25,00 ± 1,50 3,90 ± 0,40
3733 FR**

37,00 ± 1,00

3,30 ± 0,40
4055 CMHR*** 40,00 ± 2,00 5,50 ± 0,50
60135* (i) 60,00 ± 5,50 13,5 ± 1,50
60190* (i) 60,00 ± 5,50 19,0 ± 1,50


(A) Average values.

(i) Foams in accordance with the certification Oeko-tex Standard 100.

(*) Standard FMVSS 302 - Inflammability for the automotive industry.

(**) Standard UNE 53127:2002 - Self-Extinguishability.

(***) Standard BS 5852, part 2 - Burning behaviour for the of upholstered furniture industry.

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