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OmniTemp™ is a viscoelastic foam specifically formulated to have a distinctively soft and luxurious feel without sacrificing performance and durability.


This foam is designed to have an exceptionally low Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), which results in high pressure-relieving capability across an extended range of low temperatures. For this reason, Omnitemp™ foam will never stiffen in a cool bedroom and will retain its comforting and indulgent feel across all temperatures. This visco is based on conductive Peterson CoolFlow open-cell polymer technology, wich produces breathable and odorless foam with greatly enhanced heat flow. OmniTem technology retains and magnifies these benefits of CoolFlow™ technology in an effort to maximize sleep Comfort.


Thermal management in OmniTemp foams is achieved by rapidly transferring heat through the open cells of the foam and conductive structures of the polymer, both of which rapidly channel excess heat towards the uncompressed parts of the mattress where it can leave through convection.



Product table

Reference Density kg/m³Hardness kPaColor
OmniTemp 50,00 ± 10,00  1,20 ± 0,35



Foam in accordance with the certification Oeko-tex Standard 100.

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