Supracell visco®

High tech products for technical applications

Result of years of Research & Development, technology developed and applied in Supracell® foams opens new horizons for comfort products industry.


The viscoelastic foam, also known as "memory foam", was first marketed in the 60s as a result of the technology transfer program from NASA - AMES. This variety of polyurethane foam was developed in order to distribute evenly the G force that astronauts were subject during take-offs and entry into Earth's atmosphere. Today, this type of foam is applied in the aerospace industry, aeronautics and in all kind of industries, which are part of comfort sector, particularly in bedding.


The characterization of this type of foam is based on slow recovery of its original shape, and when subjected to a pressure, gradually acquires the volume of the object or part thereof. The unique characteristics of memory foam are ideal for its application in medical and bedding devices, especially in mattresses, toppers, pillows, supports and positioners. The physical properties of memory foam are influenced by temperature, changing its recovery time and its hardness, becoming softer with heat and more hard and rough with cold. These types of foam are thermo sensitive.


Supracell visco® are characterized by an open cell structure, thus improving its thermal conductivity, which is fundamental to its good performance.


Product table

Reference Density kg/m³Hardness kPaColor
Supracell visco® 40,00 ± 8,00 1,60 ± 0,40


Foams in accordance with the certification Oeko-tex Standard 100.

Foams in accordance with the combustibility requirements covered by the standard ISO 3795:89

- Burning behaviour of he interior material in road vehicles.

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