Graphene infusion viscoelastic foam solution

Graphene infused viscoelastic foam offers greatly improved thermal conductivity by combining open-cell high airflow visco with super-conductive graphite.


The unique open cell polymer structure enhances airflow by 95% to produce breathable and odorless foam with superior convective heat flow. The incorporation of hyper-conductive graphene, a material that has up to ten thousand times better thermal conductivity compared to foam, dramatically enhances the thermal conductivity of visco foam.


Graphene infusion greatly improves heat transfer when the foam is compressed, leading to restricted airflow, which inhibits convective heat transfer. The enhancement is accomplished when individual graphene particles are compressed closely together, allowing for conductive heat transfer through the particles toward uncompressed parts of the foam where heat can be liberated through convection.


Product table

Reference Density kg/m³Hardness kPaColor
CoolGraph® 60,00 ± 12,00 1,20 ± 0,40
CoolGraph FR® 60,00 ± 13,00 1,30 ± 0,30

Foams in accordance with the certification Oeko-tex Standard 100.

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