Eurospuma produces the first foam using a recycled raw material.


The first mattress top layer with a recycled raw material.

As part of a European funded project – UrbanRec -, Eurospuma S.A. proved the industrial feasibility of producing viscoelastic foam using a recycled polyol obtained from bulky waste. The foam was designed for mattress top layers due to its softness and high breathability. It is a big step in the industry towards circular economy whilst fulfilling the bedding industry’s highest standards.

Waste prevention and landfill elimination measures have already been implemented in Europe. However, people still don’t know what to do with their old mattresses and therefore end up leaving them at the nearest landfill, adding to the piles of bulky waste. Although no one thinks of what happens to their mattress after disposing of it, there are limitations for second-life application since they cannot be melted and restored.

As part of the UrbanRec project, Eurospuma S.A. - a Portuguese foam manufacturer – embraced the challenge of giving reused raw material from bulky waste another life by incorporating a recycled polyol into viscoelastic foam for new mattresses.

During the project, Eurospuma tested raw material from different sources of bulky waste, obtained from the recycling and chemical transformation of mattresses, sofas and other used furniture. After determining the recycling method and sources used, the team focused on production.

By the end of 2018, Eurospuma ran a trial industrial production of the first foam using recycled polyol. Therefore, the initial goal of turning recycled products into a new raw material became a reality. The foam came out with the expected physical properties and from now on can easily be used as a comfortable top layer for a mattress.

While the technology needs maturing, with the help of UrbanRec project members, it is a major achievement for the industry and its sustainable environment. This technology will open up many opportunities to recycle bulky waste and decrease this industry’s carbon footprint.

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