Nonwovens Glossary

  • Clusters img

    Clusters, also referred to as fiber balls, are small agglomerates of polyester fibers, forming a sphere, obtained by particular mechanical equipment in the manufacture of this type of product.

  • Crimp img

    Crimp are waves or folds per unit of length. Is introduced into the fiber to provide cohesiveness, volume and allow its carding. Crimp can take several forms: saw, wavy or helical, providing different properties to the final product.

  • Decitex (Dtex) img

    Decitex or Dtex, is the unit which determines fibers proportion. It is the weight in grams of 1000 m of yarn or filament. 1Dtex = 0.1 tex

  • Bicomponent or Low Melting Fibers img

    Allow the connection / cohesion of the fibers that compose the filling when its manufacturing process involves heat. They are manufactured from two polymers with different physical and chemical properties, sometimes with different melting points.

  • Short Fibers img

    Short fibers length is equal to or less than 32mm.

  • Long fibers img

    Long fibers have a length of more than 32mm.

  • Hollow Fibers img

    Are fibers whose cross section has at least one hollow channel within the fiber filament.

  • Siliconized Fibers img

    Concerning its surface finish, fibers can be siliconized, these are virgin fibers with silicone coating, which makes the filling slide.

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