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In order to initiate a period of new products introduction based on sustainable developed raw materials, Eurospuma created a new range of foams called ECOfoam™, adopting a new and greener technology.

The major difference of this technology compared to others, is that transforms vegetable oils and turns them functional using a molecular reconstruction process to obtain higher quality and consistency.

One of the advantages of this technology is the possibility of developing new products odors free, which are normally associated with other types of plant origin raw materials.

If you're looking for a more specialized market that allows you to differentiate from your competitors, ECOfoam™ products are the solution. This new product range involves memory foam, and we are already developing other types of foam.

ECOfoam™ Visco is the first Eurospuma's development in the field of vegetable origin foams.

Contains fully developed viscoelastic properties, does not have any kind of odor and has a high air permeability, which allows it to be a very fresh material.

It is the perfect solution to use in comfort and relaxation products with green concept and demand for ecological solutions are an important requirement. 


Product table

ECOfoam™ Reference Density kg/m³Hardness kPaColor
 2832  28,00 ± 2,00  3,20 ± 0,35
 3232  32,00 ± 2,00  3,20 ± 0,40
 3733  37,00 ± 1,00  3,30 ± 0,40
 5012*  50,00 ± 10,00  1,2 ± 0,40
 7025**  70,00 ± 14,00  2,5 ± 0,35


Foams in accordance with the certification Oeko-tex Standard 100.

* Ecofoam Visco Air 5012: This foam grade is one special memory foam type with lattice structure that brings a very high air permeability and ideal for the bedding industry.

** Ecofoam Visco 7025: This is our memory foam grade solution as an environmentally friendly. 

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