Since 1965, Eurospuma has been manufacturing high-quality polyurethane foams and since 1979, also high bulk nonwovens.

Over the years, Eurospuma has always invested in continuous improvement, banking on renewal, expanding its production lines and extending the skills of its staff and working methods.

Eurospuma has a clearly innovative vocation. The firm's knowledge of materials and its research instinct have allowed it to manufacture products allowing for attaining the wellbeing of the human body and thus providing new sensations.

Eurospuma supplies raw materials for various industrial sectors such as furniture, household textiles, apparel, automotive, footwear, packaging, filtration, childcare, etc. Thanks to its levels of production and technology, Eurospuma manages to offer high quality products at highly competitive prices in the market. The consumer enjoys our technology through the comfort and well being that our products provide.

52 years history of Eurospuma

image Foundation on May 31st of 1965
image Launch of 1st foam production line
image First foam production line
image Development of conventional flexible polyether foams with densities between 20 and 80 kg /m3
image Introduction of high resilience foam in Portugal
image Installation of the first nonwovens manufacturing line. Creation of the brands: Plumanta, Eurosoft and EuroFleece
image Partnership with DuPont de Nemours for the development of a technical fillings line to introduce quality duvets and pillows in Portugal
image Europluma Hollofil® Pillow
image Installation of the 2nd line of high bulk nonwovens manufacturing line
image Installation of the 3rd line of high bulk nonwovens manufacturing line
image ISO 9001 Certification
image Expansion of the cutting sector
image Beginning of the production of Plusoft fibers
image Beginning of SupraCell new technology foam production
image Partnership with Advansa for a new bedding products line
image Introduction of Viscoelastic technical foams
image Introduction of bedding products brand Eurosleep
image ECOfoam Foams Development
image Beggining of Supracell GelTech foam production
image Plant expansion
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