The result of years of research and development, Supracell® technology opens new horizons to the industry of comfort products. Using the best raw materials, Supracell® technology guarantees the non-deforming of the materials over a long period of time, providing greater comfort, improved breathability, a better touch and overall better properties.


Supracell® technology was introduced in 2005. It was the culmination of several years of study and represents the current "state of the art" in terms of technology in the manufacture of polyurethane.


Along with this technology, in the field of raw materials, Eurospuma has established major partnerships, which allows to continuously develop new products, in addition to decreasing the VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). The development and production of more environmentally friendly products, is a constant concern thereby raising their level of sustainability.


Based on these assumptions, we started the production of polyurethane foam Supracell® in the ranges: Basic, AR, Tec, Cmhr, Visco, Visco Air and Visco GelTech, diversifying our Supracell® foams catalog, complementing our offering into new markets, allowing a clear differentiation in the quality of our foams. From the application of these principles resulted Supracell® foams, with benefits to health and the environment.


The growing quest for sustainability and recyclability of our products, made us install new technology, also in the area of high bulk nonwovens, thereby allowing, its total recycling, resulting in new products with the following brands: Plumanta®, Eurofleece®, Plusoft® and Plufelt®.

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