Eurospuma is sensitive to its social and natural environment so it embraces projects that nurture the trust between our external stakeholders and our team. We are convinced that these sustainable projects are necessary for our development as an increasingly committed and connected company to the environment. As so, we invest in raw materials of plant origin so that our foam has the least environmental impact possible in the industry. Given Eurospuma´s need for continuous improvement, our team has engaged in projects like URBANREC that aim to explore new approaches for the recycling of urban bulky waste into high value added recycled products. Eurospuma also produces foam and fiber in accordance to the OEKO-TEX® norm requisites, which guarantee the use of products free of harmful substances for human health.



Better management of urban bulky waste

URBANREC project aims to improve the separation and disassembling of bulky waste - implementing advanced fragmentation techniques to obtain high quality raw materials, promoting innovative valorisation routes for those considered more problematic (PUR foam, mixed hard plastics and mixed textiles), not recycled due to lack of eco-innovative costeffective solutions. The waste treatments considered in the project include i) rebonding and chemical glycolisis for the PUR materials, to prepare renewable adhesives, ii) needle felt to obtain isolation panels from textiles, iii) fibre reinforced composites from textiles, iv) wood Plastic composites (WPC) and v) catalytic hydro-gasification with plasma for mixed hard plastics to obtain chemicals or fuel.


Oeko- Tex Certification of Nonwovens and memory foam

Eurospuma obtained by the end of July 2012 the Oeko-Tex® certification for its Nonwovens Plumanta®, Eurofleece®, Eurosoft® and Plusoft®, as well as Supracell® Visco (memory foam). Both certificates are available in Documentation / Certificates Site area.

Seveso Directive

In line with the prevention of severe accidents involving dangerous substances under the decree of law 150/2015, from the 5th of August, Eurospuma publishes information to the public about this matter (please consult here the document).

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